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Product Content Syndication for Manufacturers is here!

Trimble Luckins have for over 50 years been the trusted UK building services number one source of product and pricing information. In response to the changing requirements of the industry, it is no secret that for some time we have been expanding the data we hold to include a more enriched experience. This new data set offers attributes, images, videos, and documentation in a variety of standard and bespoke outputs to suit a given customer’s needs.

To accelerate this process, Trimble Luckins have formalised their partnership with NG15, the leading industry PIM provider and through e-Pim, we are adding a new and exciting dimension to our service.

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Through e-Pim, you can control the release of product information more effectively, and quickly reach the intended audience. This puts you, the Manufacturer, in control of the release process and provides you with a ‘real time’ view of data your customers (both wholesalers and contractors) are seeing. Through our syndication model, changes you make to your products are seamlessly made available to the market, without the need for you to prepare and deliver data files.

We have proven the process is robust and scalable and our Next Generation Data Services are ready to bring value to all parties across the supply chain. This competitive, “affordable for all” model, will drive sales, reduce workload, and increase accuracy and data traceability for all.

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