Introducing e-Pim for the Builders Merchant Federation (BMF)

The Builders Merchant federation have introduced a ‘Product Data Standardisation Template’ for all manufacturers and merchants to use. This will be managed by the Builders Merchants Federation. The main objective is to help manufacturers take ownership and easily maintain their product data, allowing wholesalers and distributors to access the most accurate and timely information possible.

e-Pim for the BMF

In support of the BMF’s initiative, NG15 have created a unique PIM solution (e-Pim) which will allows the management and maintenance of all information required for the BMF template. Through e-Pim, suppliers will be able to complete and amend their BMF template in one single location, helping to reduce errors, maintain a high level of product data quality, and achieving quicker time to market and a better customer experience.

Key advantages include:

Product Management from a single source (much more effective)
Includes a ‘Free Dynamic Datasheet Generation Tool’
e-Pim includes a ‘built-in’ ETIM Classification feature (for ETIM 9 files & BMEcat 5.0)
Export in excel or by API Channel
Identify gaps and inconsistency in product data

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Shaun Cranstone  |  PIM Specialist, CEO & Founder of NG15