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BEW Launch Tool Time Campaign

BEW launch Tool Time campaign to promote their C.K Tools product range
18 April 2024

BEW chooses NG15 for C.K Tools Awareness Campaign!

Recently, NG15 collaborated with BEW Electrical Distributors for their latest promotional campaign, focused on showcasing their range of C.K Tools products.

The primary goal was to develop printed materials tailored for their Trade Counters, aiming to boost interest and sales among electricians for the tools they stock.

BEW and C.K Tools logo

They also required digital graphics for their website and social media platforms, as well as a digital edition of their ‘Tool Time’ publication for online viewing and downloading purposes.

Utilising our industry-leading PIM solution, e-Pim, BEW established a ‘Channel’ to seamlessly supply NG15 with the desired product data and images for their ‘Tool Time’ publication.

Upon receiving this data, we carefully reviewed the content and devised a strategy to present it effectively across four pages. The products were categorised into four distinct groups:

🪛  Screwdrivers

🔧  Pliers & Cutters

🧰  Electricians’ Specialist tools

🪚  Blades & Cutting Tools

ePim screenshots Of BEW 'Channel' Data used to create 'Tool Time' publication

After collaborating with BEW on various projects and publications, we had already established a consistent brand style. This style was then refined to mirror the branding of C.K Tools, ensuring it was easily recognisable and familiar to their target audience: electricians.

It was decided that an A5, 4-page document would serve as the optimal marketing material to be available at the Trade Counters for customers to take with them. Additionally, a digital version would be necessary to support online marketing efforts and ensure easy accessibility for viewing and downloading.

BEW's 'Tool Time' campaign sales leaflet by NG15

BEW's 'Tool Time' leaflet promoting their stocked range of C.K Tools products

Dan Howell, our senior designer at NG15, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Working with Karen on their latest campaign was fantastic. Utilising e-Pim and its ‘Channels’ feature significantly reduced the number of proofs needed for sign-off; in fact, it was approved straight away with no amends. Leveraging data from e-Pim ensured there were no errors in the product information, as it had all been maintained within the system by the client and organised efficiently prior to commencing any design work. It’s great to collaborate with a client who understands the importance of their product data quality, as it streamlines the entire process seamlessly from start to finish.”

Karen McDermott, Marketing Executive at BEW, remarked, “NG15 crafted an A5, 4-page tools handout for our branch network. It seamlessly blends the brand identities of both BEW and the featured supplier.

The products were organised into clear categories for easy reference, resulting in an appealing and reader-friendly multi-page Tool Time flyer.”

NG15’s supporting Digital Assets for BEW included a Hero Banner for their website homepage, a Graphic Tile for website showcasing and a Social Media graphic tailored for use on Linkedin, as illustrated below.

BEW testimonial of working with NG15 on their Tool Time campaign

'Tool Time' campaign digital assets featured on BEW's website homepage and Social Media.

We’re excited about BEW’s ‘Tool Time’ campaign launch and wish them every success. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with BEW on their upcoming campaigns.

While NG15 specialises and enjoys a strong reputation for our catalogue production services, it’s important to note that we also provide a comprehensive design agency service. This includes the creation of leaflets, flyers, branding, exhibition display designs, brochures, motion videos, posters, and much more. This merely scratches the surface of the diverse range of projects we undertake.

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