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LION’S Interactive QR Catalogues

7 April 2021

LION Picture Framing Supplies are a leading trade supplier of everything required to frame and hang pictures, canvas and printed panels. They have a long-standing reputation within the picture framing and wall décor trade and provide extensive product knowledge and practical experience, along with a full range of mouldings, hardware, mountboards, equipment and more.

NG15’s catalogue team have worked alongside LION for a number of years, helping them to create both traditional and digital catalogues including their new ‘New Mouldings & Products for Spring 2021’ publication, available in printed and digital formats.

The ‘New Mouldings & Products for Spring 2021’ brochure includes the convenience of QR codes (Quick Response Codes), which help to lead the customer from a catalogue page or selected product within the page directly to the Lion website, where they can find enriched product information and easy access to the checkout button on their smartphone within minutes. Lion have also added ‘interactive click-to-buy icon links’ to their digital catalogue pages, making shopping even easier and to help increase their online sales.

Nicola Harrold, Managing Director for LION commented: “With the help of NG15, we have inserted ‘QR Codes’ into every product page in our new spring brochure. Using QR codes allows us to leave out complex pricing tables, creating more space for eye-catching visual content; the interactive print and digital links will help drive ‘measurable traffic’ to our website and provide our customers with a more enhanced product experience. All they need to do is simply scan the code and they are instantly shown that specific product group online – no need to search.’’

Dan Howell, Creative Designer and catalogue expert for NG15 said: “You can use QR codes to extend the reach of print publications by turning simple static pages into interactive media, helping to engage your audience and bringing them from the physical world to the virtual world where they can make better informed buying decisions and take actions. Just a quick scan of a code with a smartphone, provides your customer with a more connected media experience”.

QR key benefits for catalogue publishers include:

  • Enhanced reader engagement and loyalty
  • Increased subscriptions
  • Increased advertising revenue
  • Promotion of online content
  • Promotion special offers
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Catalogue QR codes / catalogue click-to-buy links:

Lion (NEW) Spring Catalogue – QR Code Link:

Lion Trade 56 Digital Catalogue – Interactive Website Link:

To find out more about adding QR codes to your catalogues
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