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Navigate towards a single source of truth

8 January 2021

Good product information forms the very foundation of any supply chain activity.

Since the launch of NG15’s product information management platform (e-Pim) in 2018, we have been working hard to help manufacturers and wholesalers within the electrical and construction industry to engage with digitalisation, plan their digital journey and put product data at the heart of their marketing and customer engagement strategies.

An article recently published in ‘BIM Today; ‘Working groups call for single source of truth for product data’, (by Fareed Ahmed Patel), suggests a need for a more unified approach for managing product data and a necessity for establishing a single source of truth, all confirming that there has never been a more poignant moment for ensuring that your product information is in tip-top shape.

Manufacturers must now focus on building strong ‘master data management practices’ so they can deliver consistent information to all of their digital channels, allowing the consumer to locate or resource the precise product information they require.

Creating an accurate ‘single source of truth’ that is fully enriched and organised, is the first step towards digitalisation and essential for delivering a unified product experience to every touch point. The devil as they say, is in the detail. You will need to include the product description, its part or product code, high-resolution image URL’s, sizes, weights, lengths and accurate, up-to-date specifications, as well as technical information models such as ETIM Classification.

Good product information forms the very foundation of any supply chain activity. If you get this wrong at the source, it doesn’t matter if the goods turned up on time and got to the right place – because if the product is not fit-for-purpose due to a mistake in your data, your efforts are completely wasted.

NG15 can help you to tackle your product data challenges.

Our product information management system e-Pim has been specifically developed with the ‘electrical and construction industry in mind’. It also the only PIM system that can ‘uniquely connect your business’ with the EDA’s EDATA and ETIM Classification initiative and LUCKINSlive data resource. On top if this, it provides some great time-saving tools, that can help you to get started with your digital journey.

Suzanne Adgar – Director
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