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Price List transformation for Deligo

Deligo Price List Launch
17 January 2024

Deligo Launch not 1 but 4 Price List Publications!

Founded in 1994, Deligo Ltd initially focused on providing the Electrical Wholesale industry with a variety of fasteners and fixings. Over the years, their product range has evolved to encompass a diverse array of fast-moving items essential for daily use by electricians.

Deligo Logo

In addition to their primary selection of fasteners and fixings, Deligo’s product range now encompasses sealants, chemicals, electrical and wiring accessories, as well as their exclusive Xiphos brand of Tools and Consumables.

The Brief

As well as collaborating with NG15 for their Fegime Buying Group Catalogue pages and also an e-Pim user, Deligo reached out to us for assistance with their ‘Confidential Wholesale Price List’ publication, to help bring it more in-line with the well known Deligo brand. Their aim was to streamline the production of Price Lists, which was consuming valuable time and resources from their internal marketing team. After transforming and enriching their core product data with e-Pim, they were eager to make the most of this enriched information through their key marketing channels.

The Process

NG15 began the redesign of the publication with the aim of integrating more of Deligo’s brand (the look and feel) into their page designs. We started by taking an existing double-page spread and created a series of concept designs using the same data. This approach provided their team with a glimpse of how presenting the data in a refreshed manner, could significantly enhance the visual impact of the pages, making the products more navigable and visually engaging.

We created feature sections for certain products, such as Best Sellers or New lines, to showcase more in-depth product information and feature highlights such as the Pozi Drive Double Countersunk ‘Hi-Tec’ Screws in the sample spread below.

Design comparison between old pricelist and redesigned pricelist

NG15’s Senior Designer, Dan Howell, created the initial conceptual designs, layout options and additional asset creations for Deligo. Dan said; “In conjunction with the revamped page designs, it was crucial to enhance the existing iconography, which lacked consistency and felt disconnected from the essence of the brand.

Drawing inspiration from their Loyalty Points Icon, I focussed on creating a series of icons that harmonised with the broader Deligo brand. Elements from the Deligo logo, in particular the stylised ‘E’ with the integrated forward arrow, were incorporated into the designs. This not only became a fundamental visual identity element for the icons but also influenced the broader page design and structure, such as in the top header bar indicating section colours and within the Product Titles.

Deligo Icon refresh to create consistent look and feel to the Deligo Brand

We also pinpointed several areas where the incorporation of new icons would be advantageous, including different finishes, Best Sellers, and Coming Soon markers. As a result, Deligo now have confidence in a suite of icons that encompasses a unified and consistent style that helps to reinforce their identity.”

The Result

The Price List design concepts and re-designed icons were well received and with great positivity. Subsequently, the NG15 team generated the entire Deligo publication, encompassing product pages, introduction pages, technical pages, and front and back cover designs. Impressed by the concept designs, Deligo also commissioned NG15 to design advertisements and product callouts for inclusion within the catalogue, as showcased below.

Deligo Intro page and internal advert designs

David Waller, Marketing Executive at Deligo commented Working with NG15 has been an absolute pleasure! Their team played a pivotal role in the creation and design of our new catalogue, infusing it with a fresh and revitalised aesthetic that perfectly captures our brand essence.

By using e-Pim to manage our catalogue data, we have been able to produce different variations of our Price List simultaneously which has been an extremely cost and time effective process. A great selling point for us, is we also have the capacity to produce new Editions in a fraction of the time, along with smaller cut-down versions as and when required.

Deligo positive testimonial of working with NG15

What truly sets NG15 apart is their unwavering commitment and flexibility— they never say no when it comes to accommodating our needs and preferences. Collaborating with them has been a seamless and enjoyable experience, making them an invaluable partner in bringing our vision to life.

Following the successful completion of the primary Confidential Wholesale Price List (£) publication, Deligo were able to efficiently produce three additional publications—Unpriced, Euro, and Trade versions—in a significantly reduced timeframe. This was all made possible through the utilisation of e-Pim and the unique approach that NG15 employs in leveraging and manipulating Product Data.

Deligo opted for a limited print run of their publications but have embraced the digital flipbook approach extensively. This allows them to seamlessly introduce new products across all four publications in a significantly reduced timeframe. As a result, their customers have continuous access to an always up-to-date online publication.

Deligo have been able to produce four variations of their Price List by using e-Pim

Deligo New Price List Page Mockup

Deligo New Price List Page Designs

Leanne Brown, a Senior Designer at NG15, worked closely with David on the core product pages and shared, “Collaborating with Deligo has been truly enjoyable, especially with someone who recognises the significance of high-quality, enriched Product Data. They are now reaping the benefits of their dedicated efforts in managing their Product Data efficiently. Looking ahead, Deligo are well-positioned to create cut-down versions of their publications and have a solid foundation to build on for future Editions of their Price Lists, allowing them to truly capitalise on their investment in e-Pim.”

In Summary

The 2024 Confidential Wholesale Price List has been positively received, garnering praise from both customers and internal stakeholders. David expresses, “This latest edition showcases our unwavering commitment to transparency, quality, and providing maximum value to our partners. With a comprehensive selection of 3000 product lines, including hundreds of new additions, customers can access enhanced information in a refreshed design. We exclusively cater to the Electrical Wholesaler market, firmly believing in delivering the right products, at the right price, at the right time – a principle vividly reflected in this latest edition.”

Deligo Unpriced Trade List Catalogue Flipbook Link

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