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Speed up your Catalogue Production time

18 February 2021

Still managing your Catalogue Production using spreadsheets?

STOP immediately – there is a better way.

To begin with, spreadsheets are terrible for managing catalogues and do lots of things really badly including:

  • Page planning
  • Dealing with multiple sources of information
  • Differentiating between online & off-line product descriptions
  • Handling multiple languages & translations
  • Accommodating multiple authors
  • Managing separate edit/approval/publish rights
  • Creating new products & flavoured catalogue versions
  • Product data consistency & accuracy
  • Storing digital images, videos and datasheets

Managing product data in this way is very slow, inefficient and leads to outdated, incomplete and incorrect information being pushed to your prospects and customers.


NG15’s catalogue design team and our product information management system e-Pim, helps you to solve all of your catalogue management nightmares.

e-Pim manages product information across ‘multi-distribution channels’, including websites, e-commerce platforms and print catalogues.

e-Pim also ‘maintains a data-feed’ directly to and from Luckins Live on a daily basis (including pricing), allowing you to source product information quickly for online and offline catalogue publications.

With e-Pim’s built in DAM, you are also able to store all your digital assets in one place, giving you full product data control.

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