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Trimble Luckins and NG15 Collaborate to Provide PIM Capabilities to MEP Manufacturers

3 November 2023

NG15 Ltd and Trimble Luckins are excited to introduce our new digital product data management solution for MEP manufacturers. ePim4Luckins is available from today and offers Trimble Luckins existing and new customers an easy-to-use portal for viewing, updating, and publishing product data directly to the LUCKINSlive network, including over 14,000 wholesalers, specifiers, and contractors across the UK.

ePim4Luckins software has been developed by NG15 Ltd in collaboration with Trimble Luckins. Bringing together the UK’s leading PIM software and the extensive reach of LuckinsLive product data syndication, provides manufacturers with a unique digital solution to control, edit, enrich, maintain, and quickly release product data directly to the end user.

ePim4Luckins includes self-service templates that are pre-populated with Trimble Luckins data, with access to the dynamic delivery platform. It’s further enhanced by a unique ROI dashboard which shows analytics for a manufacturer’s product information, highlighting usage statistics and product information gaps. ePim4Luckins also offers an award-winning datasheet tool, which generates dynamic product information on-the-fly into a single sell sheet for customers.

“We’re really excited about the benefits this collaboration offers our manufacturer customers. The construction industry in general is calling on manufacturers to make their product information completely transparent and ePim4Luckins will help them on this digitalisation journey. It provides them with the tools they need to take complete ownership of keeping their product data up-to-date and start managing their data in a structured, compliant way,” says Kevin Gutteridge, Director at Trimble Luckins.

Shaun Cranstone from NG15 Ltd. adds, “We know that investing in getting product information correct and complete will lead to increased sales. When you provide accurate information you provide a better buying experience, enhancing customer loyalty and growth. The ePim4Luckins analytics dashboard proves this, and manufacturers will have total visibility of how their product data is being consumed, and what they can do to improve it.”

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